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3rd National eScience Symposium

Open Call for Path-Finding Projects

NLeSC is currently accepting submissions for new Path-Finding Projects which are supported to the value of €50K via the in kind provision of eScience Research Engineers.

Predicting the international appeal of novels

February 19th, 2015

Researchers from the Beyond the Book project will present their paper Predicting the International Appeal of Novels at the Annual Conference of the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations in Australia. The project designs a visualization tool to show the level of international readability of novels. Read more about the project by clicking here, or visit for more information about the conference.

Chemical Informatics for Metabolite Identification and Biochemical Network Reconstruction

Is Big Data a Big Deal? What Big Data Does To Science

February 11th, 2015

What is the impact of Big Data on science, the individual and society as a whole? Does Big Data change Science itself? Some even declare a new era of ‘inductive empiricism’ and ‘the end of theory’. On Wednesday 18 February Prof. Wilco Hazeleger, Director of the Netherlands eScience Center, will take you along in his view on this phenomenon as part of the Open Mind Lab lecture series at Wageningen University.

A Jungle Computing Approach to Large-Scale Online Forensic Analysis
Beyond the Book

HPC is going mainstream in the Dutch private sector

February 10th, 2015

Last October, state of the art software development company VORtech organized the seminar ‘Taking the lead with Computational Speed’. Our Director eScience Technology Rob van Nieuwpoort gave an overview of the state of, and trends in, GPU platforms. VORtech now published a blog giving a nice overview of what’s happening in HPC in the Netherlands.