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Would you like to be considered for a position as a eScience Research Engineer at the eScience Center? We actively invite people that are interested to apply. eScience Research Engineers are our knowledge experts. They work directly with project teams and divide their time between the physical center at Amsterdam Science Park and the sites of the project partners.

Read more about general carreer development opportunities as a eScience Research Engineer below . We are looking for candidates that are experts in one or more of our technological expertise areas

If you would to like to apply, send an e-mail to, with the subject line: Open application eScience Research Engineer. Currently, we will only review applications that include a cv, motivation letter and examples/references that show your programming skills.

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Career development 

Performing world class research and developing eScience as a discipline requires that excellent scientists can work and develop their career at the Netherlands eScience Center. A Center like ours, that manages its own project portfolio but that is also a funder and a supporter for science, needs to be adequately managed and supported. Therefore we distinguish three main tracks of career development for the eScience Research Engineers: 

• Technology Track
• Research Track
• Managerial Track

The Managerial Track has an emphasis on coordination, organization and network functioning, the Technology Track has emphasis on technical skills and working in projects, and the Research Track has a scientific emphasis. The tracks are not mutually exclusive; there is a lot of overlap, in particular at earlier stages of career development.

To realize the ambitions of the center we invest in the personal development of all of our staff. You will discuss your personal development goals with your coordinator at least two times per year. Together you develop a plan on how to reach these goals, and what you need from us in order to do so. For example you have the possibility to follow external training courses to develop your knowledge and skills, or you agree on contributing to, or leading, a specific project within the Center that is relevant for your grow path. We offer attractive employment conditions based on the  CAO-Onderzoekinstellingen.

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