Additional Information ASDI and eTEC Calls 2020

Every year the eScience Center organizes information events in connection with its open calls for proposals, typically held at Science Park in Amsterdam. Given that we cannot meet now in person, an online video streaming event would have been our preferred alternative. We have, however, decided to take a different and more low-tech approach.

The reason is that – despite the fact that online video streaming software serves us very well in these times of COVID-19 – it is not without technical hiccups. Too often some participants experience problems, either with sound, video, or both. As such, we run the risk of not providing our information equally well to all interested applicants, and thus not providing an equal playing field for all.

For this reason, below we provide 4 slide decks with additional annotations, as well as a regularly updated Q&A document.

This is not a real information “event” any longer. This is unfortunate, as we do think that personal interaction with potential applicants and project team members is very important. Therefore, apart from the information provisioning in this way, we do stress that we are open to all further questions at all times via email or telephone. Our contact details are included below.

Slide Decks

1. eScience Center & Overview of 2020 Calls

2. eScience Core Technological Competences

3. eScience Collaborative Projects – Examples

4. SURF e-Infrastructure and Services for Research

Q&A Document

5. Questions and Answers (regularly updated)



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