Call for SSI Machine Learning

Empowering researchers through digitally enhanced research

Purpose of this call 

The Small Scale Initiative (SSI) Machine Learning (ML) call for proposals aims to help researchers in any discipline who want to benefit from ML techniques, but require additional expertise in applying these methods. We offer in-kind support for a collaborative project based on a use case, in which we will help you choose, develop and apply ML techniques. A successful proposal should formulate a clear research problem and describe how you expect ML techniques to contribute to solving it. 

What can be applied for?

Each project involves support provided by our research software engineers (RSEs), employees of the Netherlands eScience Center, who combine broad disciplinary knowledge with high-level digital expertise. Their method of working is collaborative: together with you, the RSEs form a research team that will share knowledge, explore possible approaches and develop digital solutions. 

The RSEs will offer advice and support for the duration of the project to help achieve the desired results, and will co-author publications with you. In addition to their specific focus on the development of advanced research software, RSEs at the eScience Center help you interpret the results of your research and contribute to making the tools and methods that emerge from the project (re)usable for the wider research community. 

Expected project deliverables include a selection of the following: 

  • tutorials, examples and documentation of methods and research software 
  • blog posts and/or white papers 
  • one or more research articles in an academic journal 
  • published open-source research software or code 

Does this sound like the opportunity you were looking for? Then look no further. For more information about this call for proposals, including how our RSEs can help, how to prepare the application, assessment procedure and more, be sure to download the full call below.

Who can apply?

Each proposal is to be formally submitted by a single named researcher or ‘lead applicant’ (henceforth LA). The LA 

  1. must be in possession of a PhD; 
  2. must be employed by a Dutch research performing organization (Appendix A of the full call text document) for the duration of the project; 
  3. should have affinity with (or a willingness to learn to apply) digital methods; 
  4. should be free to spend a reasonable amount of time on the proposed project (to be specified on the application template); 
  5. should actively support dissemination activities relevant to the project. 

The LA may submit only one proposal in this capacity. By the submission deadline, the LA may not be the Lead Applicant or Principal Investigator in an on-going project of the eScience Center originating from eScience Center calls. 

Submitting the application

Proposals must be submitted by e-mail. The deadline for submission is 1 November 2022, 14:00:00 (CET). Please send the completed application template to

Contact details

If you have specific questions about this call for proposals or the assessment procedure, please contact our Programme Manager at

Other opportunities

We are always open for opportunities to collaborate with our colleagues! Be sure to check out our other calls for proposals.