eScience Center – Lorentz Competition 2023

The Netherlands eScience Center and the Lorentz Center invite researchers to join the annual eScience Center – Lorentz competition. The workshop should bring together researchers and experts from the academic community and the public/ private sector. 

The winner will organize a workshop at the Lorentz Center@Snellius in Leiden and receive research software engineering support from the eScience Center. 

This year the focus is Computational Mathematics for Real-World Applications.

New numerical methods and algorithms have the potential to substantially impact technological applications in scientific research. We invite initiatives that will integrate mathematical breakthroughs in research software, in order to solve fundamental problems in any research field. 

What we seek

  • an innovative research problem that takes us beyond current boundaries
  • an open and interactive format, with few lectures
  • at least one scientific organizer based within and one outside the Netherlands
  • at least one scientific organizer from academia and one from the public/private sector

What we offer

  • a 5-day workshop for up to 25 people in the second half of 2024
  • support by eScience Center research software engineers (RSEs), with relevant expertise, equivalent to 0.3 FTE 
  • travel and accommodation reimbursements
  • no registration fees or other organizational costs
  • professional organizational support, under the philosophy ‘you do the research, we do the rest’


Please find answers to several FAQs here.

Wendy van der Linden  
Program coordinator, Lorentz Center 

Pablo Lopez-Tarifa 
Programme Manager, Netherlands eScience Center