Open eScience Call 2024 (OEC 2024)

Summary of this call:

  • Open to researchers from all disciplines.
  • Receive in-kind support from eScience Center research software engineers (RSEs) on state-of-the-art research needing research software.
  • Maximum in-kind investment of €224.000 (approx. 2.3 person years) of RSE expertise.
  • Two rounds: lightweight project proposition and full proposal.
  • Timeline
    • 27 February 2024, 14:00 CET, Deadline Project Proposition
    • 30 May 2024, 14:00 CET, Deadline Full Proposal

Purpose of this call 

This call for proposals supports research that requires the development and application of advanced research software. Each submitted proposal should address an urgent methodological research challenge that can count on broader support from the research community in which the applicants are active. The call reflects the eScience Center’s mission to empower researchers across all disciplines through innovative research software.

In this call, ‘research software’ refers to digital tools (for example code, scripts, packages, libraries, programmes, etc) that contribute to answering research questions by creating and/or analysing research data and research results. Applicants are invited to propose a concrete research problem that requires a digital solution of this kind.

Online information event

OEC information event recording
OEC information event recording – SURF

What can be applied for?

Projects receive in-kind funding. This means that a team of research software engineers (RSEs) from the eScience Center will work together with the applicants to improve, build, and apply research software within the context of a larger research community, and as integral members of a research team. Learn more about what it’s like to work with the eScience Center on your research project.

You can apply for projects with a maximum in-kind investment of 2.3 PYR (person years) of RSE expertise. The project duration should be between 2.5 and 3 years. There is funding available for 2 projects per research area and thus for 8 projects in total.

To maximize the added value and impact for applicants, the technological needs and requirements of the project should match with the Center’s expertise. Its current expertise areas are:

  • Software quality: workflow technologies, software practices, software sustainability, optimization
  • AI: machine learning, AI image processing, Natural Language Processing, responsible AI
  • Analytics: big data analytics, text and image analysis, visualization
  • Data processing: accessible and searchable data, real-time data analysis, interoperability
  • Computing: hardware accelerators, high-performance computing, cloud computing combining simulations

Who can apply?

Proposals can be submitted only by researchers employed by a Dutch research performing organization. An overview of all eligible organizations is included in the full call document.

Each proposal is to be formally submitted by a single named researcher (henceforth the ‘Lead Applicant’ or LA). The LA will act as primary contact for the eScience Center.

The LA must:

  • be in possession of a PhD;
  • hold a contract for at least the duration of the requested project;
  • have demonstrable knowledge and experience (relative to the LA’s academic seniority) in applying digital methodologies to research;
  • ensure a minimal personal commitment to the project work for half a day per week on average for the duration of the project.

Submitting the application

The submission is now closed.

Downloads and links

For more information about this call for proposals, download the full call below.

OEC 2024 – Full call details: Open eScience Call 2024

OEC 2024 – Template Project Proposition

OEC 2024 – Template Full Proposal

OEC 2024 – Template Software Management Plan

Bijzondere voorwaarden NLeSC subsidies 2023

Policy concerning the use of Generative AI at the Netherlands eScience Center

Intellectual property rules for the Netherlands eScience Center

OEC 2024 information event presentation slides

OEC 2024 information event – SURF slides

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