eScience Research Engineer

eScience Research Engineer

What is an eScience Research Engineer?

eScience Research Engineers are digital scientists able to work at the interface of a scientific discipline and enhanced ICT. eScience Research Engineers are (mostly) scientists that hold a PhD degree, and have a background in developing and applying scientific ICT within a scientific domain. They have an interest in sharing their knowledge and experience outside their domains.

As an eScience Research Engineer you will operate in a scientific environment. You will be responsible for the translation of scientific questions into solutions that effectively apply advanced ICT technologies and for promoting the use of eScience technologies. You will develop methodologies, applications, and high quality software and ensure that these can be used easily by scientists within a coordinated eScience infrastructure. You will work closely together with other scientists, both within the Netherlands eScience Center and with its partner organizations. 

Translating scientific questions into solutions that effectively apply advanced ICT technologies 

eScience Research Engineers work as a close team, creatively combining and sharing knowledge between projects. It is likely that you will divide your time between working at the center at Amsterdam Science Park, and at a university or research institute participating in collaborative projects.

We are recruiting eScience Research Engineers at various levels of ability. All eScience Research Engineers work closely with scientists from various disciplines. Experience in working in an academic or related environment is required.

For current vacancies, look at our careers page.


Director of Technology Prof. Rob van Nieuwpoort

Rob is responsible for eScience Technology development in all projects, project leader of our eScience technology platform, and manager of the eScience engineers.

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