The eScience Center offers a range of curated training courses to researchers and support staff at every career level.


Digital skills workshops

The eScience Center offers a range of training courses, open to all researchers affiliated with Dutch research organizations and from industry. We organize workshops covering digital skills needed to put reproducible research into practice. These include online collaboration, reproducible code and good programming practices. We also offer more advanced workshops such as GPU Programming, Parallel Programming and Deep Learning.

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Upcoming workshops

Our trainers

All courses are taught by Research Software Engineers from the eScience Center, in-house experts with in-depth instructional and technical skills, and extensive teaching experience. Our trainers are certified Carpentries Instructors, and members of the international Carpentries community.

Our trainers

Training materials

Digital Skills Workshops are based on tried and tested high-quality materials from Software Carpentry, Data Carpentry, and Code Refinery, as well as materials developed by our team at the eScience Center. All materials are collaboratively developed with the research community and are freely available. 

Training materials