23 November 2015

The Science of Big-Data Analytics & Visualization

23 November 2015


23 November 2015
10.00 - 17.00

Sacha van Breugel

About #SBDAV

One consequence of the increased complexity, variety and volume of the datasets present in research in the Big-Data era has been a new concentration on the development of visualization and analytics approaches. There is a requirement to find ways to interact better with data by reducing their complexity, by identifying patterns and relationships and by presenting them in a readily interpretable fashion.

Data analytics & visualization approaches can enable researchers to recognize sources of relevant information, prepare raw data, use statistical tools, extract meaningful information, recognize potential problems and make visualizations to communicate their findings. With the application of statistics and applied mathematics at its core, the use of data-analytics and visualization are generic requirements for many scientists. Combining ‘Big Data’ with theory and conceptual models will enable scientists to structure the wealth of data and provide valuable forecasts and insights.

The symposium will include some leading examples of data-driven analytics and visualization being undertaken across Dutch academia and clear examples of how these approaches are being embedded in applied research domains.

For Whom?

This symposium will be of interest to researchers (from academia and industry), students, and data scientists. It will be relevant to chemists, physicists, biologists, social scientists, computer scientists, mathematicians and more.

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Prof. Anwar Osseyran
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Prof. Sander Klous
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Prof. Rob van der Mei
"Saving Lives with Big Data Analytics!"

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