National eScience Symposium 2017

in a Digital World

National eScience Symposium 2017


12 October 2017
09:30 - 18:00


Amsterdam ArenA
ArenA Boulevard 1
1101 Amsterdam

Discover how digital technology impacts scientific practice

The Dutch National eScience Symposium is a one-day event where scientists and researchers from different disciplines meet to discover how digital technology impacts scientific practice.

The symposium will feature five thematic sessions showcasing world-class data-driven and compute-intensive research in different fields:

The thematic sessions are organized in partnership with SURFnet, NWO-Shell programme, CLARIAH, NeurolabNL and Commit2Data.

At the symposium the Young eScientist 2017 will also be announced - the prize is €50,000 worth of expertise. Do you want to participate in this award competition? Read more about it here!


Digital technology cross-cuts all scientific domains. Our understanding of the universe, dealing with the challenges of climate change and discovering new energy sources, analyzing human behavior, or tracking athletes' performances are just a couple of areas where digital technology is being used to enhance scientific research.

The cross-cutting aspect means that technologies used in one field can be applicable across other fields. This annual symposium is an opportunity for anyone working in academia or industry with an interest in digital technology and scientific research. It is thé place to meet researchers, students, data scientists, scientific administrators, CIOs and CTOs dealing with the challenges and potential of digital technologies; from the humanities to physics and beyond.


Internet Of Things

In partnership with SURFnet

Energy Science

In partnership with Shell-NWO programme

Natural Language

In partnership with CLARIAH

Brain, Cognition & Behaviour

In partnership with NeuroLabNL

Future of Machine Learning

In partnership with Commit2Data

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Mieke Schutte
Lorentz Center
Tobias Blanke
Kings College London
Sally Wyatt

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