Remote Sensing Deployable Analysis Environment (RS-DAT) Demonstration Event

Start Date

10 Oct 2022

Start Time

10:00 Europe/Amsterdam



End Date

10 Oct 2022

End Time

12:30 Europe/Amsterdam

Remote Sensing Deployable Analysis Environment (RS-DAT) Demonstration Event

On October 10th 2022 The Netherlands eScience Center and SURF will welcome researchers and personnel in research support roles interested in the exploitation of remote sensing and earth observation to a demonstration of the tools developed in an eScience Center-SURF alliance project, Remote Sensing Deployable Analysis Environment (RS-DAT).

We hope to welcome you at Amsterdam Science Park to present our work and gather your feedback!

In RS-DAT we aim to provide scientists with tools to access Earth Observations and Remote Sensing data and analyze it, departing from their accustomed workflows but enabling them to use the massive storage and infrastructure offered by SURF. Driven by the common needs across a range of eScience research projects addressing modern EO questions, we have focused on providing generic tools to fulfil them. Each tool will be delivered with a dedicated tutorial, a demo, and with a deployment recipe on SURF facilities, to promote and ease the environment’s adaptation by the scientific community.

In this demonstration session we will present live demos of tools for:

  • Retrieval, storage and access of remote sensing and earth observation data (at scale) using the STAC standard in combination with SURF’s storage systems.
  • Scalable analysis of EO/RS data sets using Dask clusters on Snellius, SPIDER, and SURF Research Cloud, including simplified set-up and interaction based on Jupyter Notebooks, placing the power of scalable systems at your fingertips with the ease of your accustomed notebook.
  • Simple scalable deployment of containerized (e.g. Docker) workflows, enabling analysis at scale with established workflows.

There will be ample room for discussion after the live demonstrations and during lunch.

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