Alexander Rinnooy Kan
Keynote: "National Science Agenda"
Tony Hey
Keynote: "eScience and the Fourth Paradigm for Scientific Discovery"
Leonard Smith
Keynote: "Doing Science in the Dark"
Jan de Jeu
Wilco Hazeleger
José van Dijck
Keynote: "Big data, grand challenges: On digitization and humanities research"
Ana Lucia Varbanescu
Computer & Data Sciences: "On the Efficiency of Modern Heterogeneous Systems"
Paul Kelly
Physics & Beyond: "First-principles Quantum Transport"
Oana Inel
Humanities & Social Sciences: "Open, Connected & Smart Heritage: Towards New Cultural Commons"
Allard de Wit
Environment & Sustainability: "From regional crop yield forecasts to field level information: data and computational challenges"
Andre Dekker
Life Sciences & eHealth: "Knowledge Engineering from Big Data in Oncology"
Annalisa Fasolino
Physics & Beyond: "Simulations of graphene, when size really matters"
Sonja de Leeuw & Jasmijn van Gorp
Humanities & Social Sciences: "A media-archaeological approach to digital humanities or [...]"
Detlef van Vuuren
Environment & Sustainability: "Integrated assessment of global environmental change: Computational and data needs"
Roeland van Ham
Life Sciences & eHealth: "Crop development in the era of Big Data"
Bettina Speckmann
Computer & Data Sciences: "Algorithmic Geo-Visualization"
Bert Blocken
Physics & Beyond: "Advanced computing for indoor air quality"
Els Stronks
Humanities & Social Sciences: "Digging into Time. Digital Research into the Textual Culture of the Dutch Republic"
Caroline Slomp
Environment & Sustainability: "Understanding oxygen dynamics in the past and present ocean"
Egon Willighagen
Life Sciences & eHealth: "All Big Data, Big and Small"
Aske Plaat
Computer & Data Sciences: "DAF: A Data Analytics Facility"
Marco de Vos
Physics & Beyond: "Data-Driven Astronomy - Computational Challenges for the Square Kilometre Array"
Kees Aarts
Humanities & Social Sciences: "Scaling up social science"
Marc Bierkens
Environment & Sustainability: "Hyper-resolution global hydrological modelling: rationale and challenges"
Jildau Bouwman
Cees Snoek
Computer & Data Sciences: "Video Understanding: What to Expect Today and Tomorrow?"
Harry van der Graaf
Computer & Data Sciences: "Low energy extensions for GEANT and ab-initio processing in solid state physics"
Anja Volk
Humanities & Social Sciences: "Pattern search in music: digital methods for researching, classifying and accessing music"
Wynand Alkema
Life Sciences & eHealth: "The Food Map: From ontologies to knowledge to discovery"
Frans van Hoesel
Computer & Data Sciences: "Illusion Managment at RuG"
Wouter Verkerke
Physics & Beyond: "The Higgs boson as window to new fundamental physics"
Piek Vossen
Humanities & Social Sciences: "Modelling uncertainties and perspectives in the news"
Gert-Jan Steeneveld
Environment & Sustainability: "Towards weather forecasting at city district scale"
Rutger Vos
Life Sciences & eHealth: "Modeling the Biosphere: The Natural Historian's Perspective"
Dieter Kranzlmüller
Computer & Data Sciences: "Extreme Scale Computing - Complexity requires Partnerships"
Peter Elmer
Physics & Beyond: "Building a culture of open, sustainable software for scientific research"
Evelyn Ruppert
Humanities & Social Sciences: "A Social Framework for Big Data"
Dick Dee
Environment & Sustainability: "Data assimilation in climate models"
Amos Bairoch
Life Sciences & eHealth: "Big Data But Little Knowledge, The Challenge of Biocuration in the Life Sciences"
Pier Siebesma
Sustainability & Environment: "Opportunities and Challenges for Weather and Climate Simulations"
Michael Lees
Computer & Data Sciences: "Building, Calibrating and Validating Models of Human Crowds: A Complex Systems Approach"

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