The eScience Center Fellowship Programme: information session

Start Date

21 Feb 2024

Start Time

14:00 Europe/Amsterdam


Online Event

End Date

21 Feb 2024

End Time

16:30 Europe/Amsterdam

The eScience Center Fellowship Programme: information session

The eScience Center Fellowship Programme: information session

During this session, we will provide information about the Netherlands eScience Center Fellowship Programme and answer questions potential applicants may have. Please register if you would like to attend. If you register, you will receive a Zoom link for the session closer to the date.  

The Netherlands eScience Center is looking for researchers who have the ambition to promote or improve the use of research software within their organization or discipline. We invite them to apply to become an eScience Center Fellow.  

This fellowship is aimed at those who want to make a difference in improving the awareness, expertise, or state of research software within their lab, institute or academic community. Research software can be any piece of code, script, package, tool, library, or programme written for research. 

Each fellow is expected to carry out a project to this end within the duration of their fellowship (12 months). Examples of projects are (but are not limited to): 

  • Creating a tutorial around a research software package developed in-house 
  • Creating a series of videos on good research software practices 
  • Inviting speakers on the topic of sustainable research software for an interactive seminar 
  • Running a hackathon where researchers can improve the reusability of research software 
  • Setting up a discipline-specific community to exchange expertise about digital tools
  • Increasing visibility or wellbeing of researchers who write code in any way 
  • Webifying, digitizing or developing an open tool that would improve research  

Fellows will have a personal budget of €2,000.00 which they can use to support their project, as well as 40 hours of eScience Center staff consultancy to aid their project. The fellowship plan must be primarily focused on increasing the visibility, recognition or use of research software in the Netherlands, but international outreach and community-building is allowed as well.