FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the deadline for submitting the short proposal?

    Friday September 18 (noon).

  2. What are knock-out criteria for short proposals?

    (a) not following the provided template;
    (b) not addressing ‘responsibility’ in the proposal;
    (c) no clear argumentation why the proposal is ‘an innovative idea’ or ‘knowledge utilization’;
    (d) insufficient argumentation that project can start within 6 months and can be completed within 12 months.

  3. Who can submit as proponent?

    Each proposal for a subproject must have one proponent who complies with the ‘who can apply’ guidelines of the formal call, see https://www.nwo.nl/en/funding/our-funding-instruments/nwa/small-projects-for-nwa-routes-2020/small-projects-for-nwa-routes-2020.html.

  4. Can I submit after the deadline or correct my proposal after the deadline?


  5. Who decides on the selection of the three subprojects?

    The route management of the ‘Big Data’ route/Steering Committee of the start impulse programme VWData.

  6. Will the Steering Committee submit proposals for subprojects?


  7. Can I submit my proposal directly to NWO/NWA?

    No, only the ‘NWA route boegbeeld’ can apply for this small project call.

  8. Are other routes also applying for this NWA small projects call?

    We do not know that, please contact the appropriate NWA route ‘boegbeeld’ or ‘trekker’.