Burcu Beygu

Data Steward
University of Groningen

Fellowship project title: Hands-on Research Software Practices 

The goal: In this project, I aim to guide the researchers of the University of Groningen through the necessary steps to properly maintain their research software. I will do this by providing easily accessible online training materials accompanied by regularly organized knowledge-sharing sessions.  I will directly address the frequently encountered problems by researchers in the form of short videos and complementary documentation. On top of this, knowledge-sharing sessions will help create a research software community at the University of Groningen.

The why: As a scientific product, research software is created by investing considerable time, effort, and often financial support. Nevertheless, at the end of a project, it often does not receive the desired recognition nor maintains its relevance and loses the opportunity to reach a wider audience. Through this project, the aim is to help researchers overcome the difficulties that prevent them from properly managing their research software.  



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