Eduard Klapwijk

Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences, Erasmus University Rotterdam  Data steward

Project title: Implementing institutional reproducibility checks to promote good computational practices 

The goal: To establish a workflow in which researchers can submit their data and code to a dedicated person or team in their faculty who will perform a reproducibility check for data and code before a result gets published 

The why: Sharing data is slowly becoming the norm in social and behavioural science research, but sharing computer code to reproduce data processing and analysis is less common. Training in “good enough” software practices, and encouragement to subsequently share software code publicly, are much needed to improve computational practices and reproducibility in the social and behavioural sciences. In this project, I will create training and guidelines and develop a workflow to provide an institutional reproducibility check for data and code submitted alongside research publications. A short, standardized report will be produced that includes an evaluation of the level of reproducibility, alongside a list of actionable points for improvement. This form of personalized feedback has the potential to: 

  • improve actual analysis code (as opposed to training sessions that are not always generalizable to actual work of the researcher) 
  • emphasize the importance of sharing code and encourage researchers to share their analysis code 
  • normalize mistakes and corrections in a safe environment  
  • create demand for more rigorous reproducibility practices and for the training needed to implement those practices