Esther Plomp

Delft University of Technology Data steward

Fellowship project title: Tracking Research Objects at the Faculty of Applied Sciences, TU Delft 

The goal: Evaluation of researcher performance is currently a contested subject within academia. Although many researchers contribute to their field of expertise in a multitude of manners, the most stringent criteria of success is the number of research articles published. Subverting the current “publish or perish” culture requires a novel approach to the evaluation of research objects (such as software, data and methods) other than research articles. However, there is currently no standardized way to track such research objects. This project aims to identify and quantify the role of research objects, in particular research software, within the Faculty of Applied Sciences at TU Delft and evaluate how these are being shared within the research community. By monitoring open research objects such as software, the project aims to stimulate an open research culture and incentivize scientists to adhere to Open Science practices and the FAIR principles. 

The why: We need to shift the criteria of success from (the number of) research articles published to include more research objects into research evaluation. This is easier to do if they become as visible as research articles. This project aims to improve that visibility and provide incentives for researchers to share their research objects such as software.