Funda Yildirim 

Assistant Professor
University of Twente

Fellowship project title: Advancing Technology Literacy in Behavioral and Social Sciences: A Proposal for Software Training and Project Development  

The goal: The project aims to help behavioral and social sciences researchers learn and use in-house scientific software tools by eScience Center to tackle important research problems. The project beneficiaries will utilize one of the software packages to develop their small-scale projects. 

The why: This project addresses the increasing role of technology in society, particularly in fields such as sociology, psychology, and educational sciences that focus on human behavior and social systems. Recognizing the need for technology literacy in these fields, the project aims to support researchers in tackling important problems through open science practices and software. By providing training and resources, researchers in the social sciences can enhance their ability to create experimental setups, communicate results in various ways and contribute to advancements in their respective disciplines. 




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