Jan Koster

Associate professor
Amsterdam UMC

Fellowship project title: An Educational Tutorial to Showcase the updated applications in the R2 Genomics Analysis and Visualization Platform  

The goal: With the idea that wet-lab researchers should have the possibility to explore their own and public NGS data, without needing to have in depth bioinformatics expertise, we started developing the R2 platform in 2005. The R2 platform (r2.amc.nl) is a web-based genomics analysis and visualization suite, intended to be operated by biomedical researchers and coupled to an in-house data warehouse that stores over 1 million publicly accessible omics profiles. We propose to create new and update current story-telling tutorials on the usage of R2 to make datamining accessible for all researchers around the globe.  

The why: With the continued development of R2, there is a great demand for informative training material to get new users started and frequent users up to date on the ever-expanding set of features R2 offers. The success of developing the platform is illustrated by nearly 2000 scientific manuscripts citing R2. 




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