Leonard Wee

MAASTRO clinic Assistant Professor

Fellowship project title: Keeping federated learning software independent, open source and free to use for everyone 

The goal: My research ia about making global healthcare data FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) for research without actual need for data transfer. Existing free and open-source research software is essential for this, and it works. This needs to take the next steps to engage a wider scientific community and attain a long-term sustainable future. 1 propose an independent foundation, with a detailed operational plan mentored by the eScience Centre, that will: 

– Expand the user community towards self-sustaining critical nnass;

– Share and develop knowledge (technical, methodological and governance);

– Establish a high-profile hub of expertise for federated learning leadership 

This ensures continuity of trust, transparency, competency, and hence the long-term success of this important research result. With the support of this fellowship, I am able to take concrete steps to keep the foundational technology of federated learning free, open-source, trustworthy and independent for everyone to use, for all time.