Manuel Garcia Alvarez

Delft University of Technology  Research software engineer

Fellowship project title: Better management practices, collaborative development, and quality of open research software for the RSE community of TU Delft. 

The goal: The Digital Competence Centre at TU Delft has as its mission supporting the development of FAIR and open-source research software. It achieves this through its team of research software engineers (RSE) and data managers (DM). They collaborate hand at hand with researchers of multiple domains in developing research software and introducing best practices. As a result, research software is of better quality, and research outputs become reusable and reproducible.  The ambition of this initiative is to improve research software at TU Delft by increasing the level of professionalization of our team of RSEs and DMs. With special focus on management of software projects, best engineering practices, tools and workflows for productivity and collaboration with researchers.  

The team at TU Delf wants to learn how to tune up our approaches and skills from the long experience of the eScience Center, and increase the visibility or the work that we do to foster open science and high-quality research software. 

The why: People and digital skills are at the center of producing high quality research software at TU Delft.   




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