Mara Bialas

Radboud University  PhD Candidate

Fellowship project title: Turtle and Hare Workshops: Exchanging software skills from beginner to experienced  

The goal: In the research climate of psychology, we observe two groups of researchers with complementary strengths. Junior researchers are often familiar with open-source software but must accumulate research experience and expand their network. Senior researchers have mastered this skill and have the network but sometimes struggle to keep up with technological developments such as open-source software. To narrow this gap, I plan to connect advanced software users to beginners using a need-based online matching procedure. Matched pairs will proceed in 1:1 teaching sessions using resources of the eScience Center. By connecting researchers based on their needs, we can enable online open and team science and software beginners to get an easier start using software without spending hours on courses. Similarly, we enable junior researchers to gain software teaching experience and connect them to researchers further along in their careers who could foster new research relationships for them. 

The why: One-on-one teaching sessions will enable both novice and experienced software users to develop more shareable code. These sessions can serve as an interactive trial-and-error learning process, providing opportunities for creative growth and fostering a collaborative community.