Minsi Li

University of Twente PhD Candidate

Fellowship project title: Sustainable Research Software Development: User-friendly Guideline Creation and Hands-On Interactive Workshop for Implementation 

The goal: The project aims to translate sustainable software development and maintenance practices for social science researchers within the Behavioural, Management, and Social Sciences (BMS) faculty at the University of Twente (UT). Although social science researchers practice Open Science activities by sharing software, they lack the knowledge to effectively manage it. Thus, the project will develop a user-friendly guideline by translating relevant and existing computer science domain knowledge into practical recommendations tailored to the social science domain. 

The project will engage with diverse audiences to raise awareness, gather feedback, and promote the guidelines. Additionally, a workshop will be organized to showcase the practices in the guidelines and to encourage researchers to adopt them. The guideline will be disseminated through Zenodo under a CC-BY license and will be presented at conferences, such as the ODISSEI Conference for Social Science, ensuring its accessibility to researchers beyond UT.