Pedro Hérnandez-Serrano

Data Steward
Maastricht University

Fellowship project title: The FAIR extension: A web browser extension to evaluate Digital Objects’ FAIRness 

The goal: This project aims to use technology close this gap and make this process more accessible by bringing the FAIR evaluation to the researcher’s profiles. We will develop “The FAIR extension”, an open-source, user-friendly web browser extension that allows researchers to do FAIRness evaluations directly from scholarly aggregators such as PURE, Google Scholar, or ResearchGate without any additional knowledge. The browser extension follows the FAIR metrics group specification, building on top of the community accepted FAIR evaluators’ APIs. 

The why: The scientific community’s efforts have increased regarding evaluating the FAIRness of research Digital Objects such as publications, datasets, or research software. However, this requires a steep learning curve for the average researcher when learning the FAIR evaluation frameworks, disengaging some of them in the process.  




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