Peter-Paul Zwetsloot

Erasmus Medical Center / NLHI  Postdoctoral Researcher

Fellowship project title: Exploring federated learning platforms for the future scientific national cardiology registries 

The goal: The first national registry for patients with heart disease cardiomyopathy is currently being established. This infrastructure will provide researchers with many opportunities for larger analyses, where data from additional research (such as blood tests, scans, or genetic data) can be linked to other clinical data. It is very likely that large datasets and artificial intelligence will be utilized in this process. 

This fellowship will be used to explore whether a federated learning infrastructure is feasible for our future national cardiomyopathy register. 

The why: The current infrastructure for national registries is often not capable of handling large datasets effectively. Additionally, safely handling patient data across multiple hospitals is an important issue. 

Federated learning infrastructure offers the ability to handle large datasets well (which can remain locally within the hospital), while also ensuring the security of privacy-sensitive information.