Serkan Girgin

Assistant Professor
University of Twente

Fellowship project title: GEOnnect: Connecting eScience Center RSEs and ITC researchers for better environment and sustainability-related research software uptake and development 

The goal: This project aims such a workshop series on environment and sustainability-related eScience Center research software for the researchers of the Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC), which is a world-renown education and research institution in the field. Besides enabling the growth of the user communities by involving highly skilled researchers, the events will also support better collaboration between the institutions. 

The why: Following its mission and vision, eScience Center develops research software in collaboration with researchers. Availability of research software is the crucial first step, but uptake by the research community is required to make it alive and sustainable. An efficient way to facilitate the uptake is to bring together the developers and potential users through hands-on training workshops, which allow researchers to learn the software directly from its developers. Likewise, the developers can get direct feedback from the domain experts, which can help them to improve their software. 




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