Stephanie van de Sandt

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Fellowship project title: Games of Horror for Open Science Training – Learning about Research Software in a fun and impactful way 

The goal: The GHOST (Games of Horror for Open Science Training) collective develops gamified training resources around Open Science, Research Data – and Software Management that are freely available and accessible for everyone. With our project we would like to shed light on good software practices within the framework of Open Science by developing a serious game about research software. This could be for example an expansion to an existing card game called “Open Science Against Humanity” or a new game based on the Game of Life. 

The why: Research Software Management, Open Science, Research Data Management, and the FAIR principles are concepts that have become increasingly important for researchers in all career stages. Yet, knowledge around practical steps, pitfalls, and compliance necessities is often lacking, which results in a growing demand for training and support. However, the capacities of research support staff to provide training are limited; not every workshop is freely available to everyone, and researchers often do not have the time to participate in longer training sessions. Training that is fun, accessible, and yet impactful is needed to start a dialogue with a broader research community, increase awareness, and empower early-career researchers and students to become game changers.