Willy Riley

Wageningen University & Research Research software engineer

 Fellowship project title: The Package and Cite Project 

The goal: The project plans to 1) build an open-source module, called cff2toml, that helps developers create citable Python modules using the Citation File Format based on Python project metadata, 2) conduct a public workshop at the Wageningen University & Research to teach food and environmental scientists how to use the tool, and 3) create an open-source website/Python packaging plugin that uses cff2toml to automatically generate citation metadata for Python projects on Github/Gitlab or with Python packaging tools like Poetry or Hatch. 

The why: Many researchers have written or used research software scripts in Python without citing these scripts or packaging them in modules so they can be reused.  This may lead to accidental plagiarism by researchers who publish papers that rely on this code.  It may also reduce the impact of research software since other researchers may not be able to find these scripts or easily import them into their own research software.  Software tools and training are needed to help research software developers and other researchers more easily comply with research ethics policies, especially policies that require them to cite and credit developers of research software.