Yorben Lodema

UMC Utrecht PhD Candidate

Fellowship project title: Increasing clinical researchers’ access to open-access, easy and comprehensive electroencephalography processing tools 

The goal: Further develop and promote an accessible software package allowing researchers to analyze resting-state electroencephalography data. 

The why: Electroencephalography (EEG) is an established and easy to apply diagnostic tool to measure brain activity at a small time scale. A constraint for researchers to apply this technique is the expertise required to process raw EEG measurements to be able to calculate meaningful characteristics of the EEG. Comprehensive software packages for EEG processing exist, which require little technical background to use but are expensive for an institution to license. This can lead to licenses for software being dropped, resulting in problems with reproducibility of research. On the other hand, high quality open-source EEG processing packages have been developed. However, these require a significant programming background to apply. Therefore, this project aims to make resting-state EEG processing made possible by the Python MNE package available to researchers by combining essential functions into an easy to use, comprehensive and free software package.