Young eScientist Award 2019

Young eScientist Award 2019

Are you a young and ambitious researcher? Do you have a talent for collaborating with others and for applying or developing research software to solve challenging research questions in your field? And do you always make a point of sharing your solutions with fellow researchers? If yes, then you might just be our Young eScientist 2019.

Win 50,000 EUR worth of eScience expertise for your novel research idea

The Netherlands eScience Center awards €50,000 worth of expertise to a novel eScience idea. Together with our experts, you will develop your idea into a full project description. Submit your idea before October 1, 2019

The grand societal challenges of the coming years, such as climate change, increased population size, resource scarcity and urbanization will require innovative scientific and technological interventions. Researchers are increasingly required to develop and apply research software to answer their ambitious research questions.

The prospect of developing the skills needed to engage increasingly diverse and complex digital technologies is daunting. The Netherlands eScience Center works together with discipline-focused scientists to ensure that state-of-the-art computing and data-science are developed and applied in fields such as the Humanities & Social Sciences, Environment & Sustainability, Life Sciences & eHealth, and Physics & Beyond.

Out of the applications, three nominees will be selected. The nominees will be invited to give a short pitch at the National eScience Symposium on November 21, 2019. The winner will be announced after the pitches.


  • 40K euro in kind provision of eScience Research Engineer expertise to undertake a collaborative project
  • 10K euro personal sponsorship for travel or consumables


The prize will be awarded to a young scientist based on a combination of:

  • demonstrated previous success in the development or application of data-driven or compute-intensive research within a scientific domain or multiple domains  (1/3)  and
  • the quality of a new project idea (1/3)
  • the contribution to scientific research beyond the project (Open Science)  (1/3)

Profile of recipient

  • Currently and for the duration of the project employed by a Dutch university or research institute which is affiliated with NWO or KNAW (eScience Center employees are excluded)
  • Current PhD student or researcher who received their PhD less than 3 years ago (based on day of award presentation)
  • Demonstrated excellence in the development or use of digital technology or data science within a research domain (incl. Environment & Sustainability, Life Sciences & eHealth, Humanities & Social Sciences or Physics & Beyond)

Project idea

Candidates will submit an idea for a project (not the full proposal) to be judged by the award committee. The successful candidate will work with the eScience Center’s staff to formulate a full description. If data is required for the project idea, the data should be available at the start of the project.

Submitting proposals

Please note: submissions are closed

General terms and conditions of the eScience Center’s projects can be found  here (Dutch). The eScience Center’s policy towards publishing, licensing and intellectual property can be found here.

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