Knowledge base

FAIR software
The eScience Center is the initiator and curator of In the spirit of open science, it offers practical recommendations for researchers, research software engineers and support staff to make software easier to find, cite, license and archive. The website has been endorsed by more than 20 organizations worldwide.

The Turing Way
The eScience Center is a core partner and main contributor to the succesful and community-run Turing Way, an extensive online guide and knowledge base for reproducible research.  

Software Management Plan
A Software Management Plan (SMP) helps in deciding how to deal with research software that is being developed as part of projects. It is important to decide which software to keep alive, for how long, and who will be responsible for it. Research teams applying for eScience Center projects are required to submit a Software Management Plan along with their project proposals. Because the template may be useful as a starting point for your own SMP, we offer it as a download here. We are working together with NWO and several Dutch research institutes to define a broadly applicable Software Management Plan Template.