Let’s work together

Let’s work together

We are always interested in setting up new collaborations to achieve scientific impact!

Collaborate with us

Would you like eScience Research Engineers with specific skills to collaborate with you on your scientific project? We are interested to hear from you! Get in touch with us if you want to know more, or first check out our areas of expertise.

Collaborations between academic partners and the eScience Center are primarily based on projects that address a pressing scientific problem and deliver innovative and reusable eScience tools and methodologies. Collaboration can be set up in three different ways:

1. Open Calls for Proposals

The majority of projects performed in collaboration with the eScience Center are based on a long-term consistent program of calls. Any senior researcher employed at a Dutch university or NWO/KNAW institute may apply for eScience Center funding as main applicant or as co-applicant. Some exceptions may exist, and we therefore refer to the details of each individual call.

Check out our funding opportunities or get in touch with Dr. Frank J. Seinstra at f.seinstra@esciencecenter.nl.

2. Partnering in Project Consortia / Proposals

The eScience Center welcomes requests by research consortia and individual researchers to partner in project proposals in (inter)national funding programs (e.g. EU-H2020), provided that the eScience Center is eligible for funding. The eScience Center has ample experience in co-authoring project proposals, and already partners in a large number of projects granted by external funding bodies.

Get in touch with Prof. Rob van Nieuwpoort at r.vannieuwpoort@esciencecenter.nl.

3. Direct Collaboration

In case you already have funding available, and would like to tap into the advanced expertise of the eScience Center, it is possible to request a direct collaboration with us. The general aims of such a direct collaboration would be similar to all our other projects (i.e.: address urgent scientific problem and deliver reusable eScience), but we are much interested to discuss with you how we can best achieve impact in your particular case.

Get in touch with Dr. Aletta Debernardi at a.debernardi@esciencecenter.nl for more information.

Meet & Greet

What are the digital technological challenges in your research? And how can you work together with the Netherlands eScience Center in tackling these challenges? We are very happy to present some of our work that might be interesting for researchers at your institute! Get in touch with Tom Bakker at t.bakker@esciencecenter.nl if you want to know more.

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