Additional information for eTEC & ASDI calls available online

3 Jun 2020 - 2 min

The Netherlands eScience Center has changed the format of the scheduled information event for the eTEC 2020 and ASDI 2020 calls. Instead of a live online video streaming event, all the relevant information for both calls has now been made available on the eScience Center website.

This decision was made in order to give all participants equal access to all further information associated with the eTEC and ASDI calls. ‘Despite their immense value, video calls are often accompanied by technical issues that prevent some participants from receiving all the relevant information. We want to avoid such a situation and ensure an equal playing field for all potential applicants’, says Dr. Frank Seinstra, the eScience Center’s program director.

The information slide decks and Q&As can be found here:

Participants who have a question that is not listed on the Q&A page are advised to contact Tom van Rens (NWO, 070 344 0509) or Dr Frank Seintra (eScience Center, 020 460 4770) or send an email to " target="_blank">or

Please note: the Q&A document will be updated regularly so please make sure to visit the page often.