Climate modelling project receives grant from NWO Open Science Fund

We are pleased to share that we will be continuing our collaboration with Delft University of Technology, Utrecht University and Wageningen University on Moisture Tracking for Climate Models: a Community Effort. This project was recently awarded through NWO’s Open Science Fund as one of 30 projects to receive up to 50,000 euros each. The team consists of Dr. Peter Kalverla (Netherlands eScience Center), Dr. Imme Benedict and Dr. Chris Weijenborg (Wageningen University & Research), Dr. Arie Staal (Utrecht University), and led by Dr. ir. Ruud van der Ent (Delft University of Technology).

The team will continue developing WAM2layers, a tool our research software engineers co-developed on a previous project. This model enables users to track moisture and understand where the rain emanates. It can then be used to investigate past rain fall extremes or droughts or to study how rainfall patterns might change in the future.

Video created by Dr. Peter Kalverla at the Netherlands eScience Center from the WAM2layers project

NWO’s Open Science Fund supports projects that aim to “implement and stimulate Open Science practices.” WAM2layers is just one of several moisture tracking models used by researchers. In this project, the team will bring scientists working on this topic from various groups together, as a research community, to gain insight into the pros and cons of various tools and to discuss how to better coordinate activities.

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