The Netherlands eScience Center Collaborates with Research Data Alliance on RDA TIGER Project for EOSC-Related Research Solutions

The Research Data Alliance (RDA) has launched a new project, RDA TIGER, to support the international engagement and alignment of policies, technologies, methodologies, practices and other outputs related to the European Open Science agenda. This project, funded by the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), aims to provide services to facilitate and support RDA’s Working Groups for key European and international initiatives, resulting in concrete alignment, harmonization and standardization of Open Science developments and technologies globally.

RDA TIGER  was officially launched on January 20 2023, in Brussels, Belgium, with all partners in attendance, including the RDA Association (coordinator), the Committee on Data of the International Science Council (CODATA), Netherlands eScience Center, and the Data Archiving and Networking Services (DANS).

RDA Tiger is set to contribute directly to the European Open Science Cloud Partnership. The project will identify key partners, increase work efficiency through facilitation and other support actions, and develop and offer a service platform for these Working Groups, ultimately maximizing the impact the RDA Working Groups have on EOSC, global Open Science and society.

The Netherlands eScience Center is excited to be part of this project and to contribute to its success by connecting research software initiatives to the RDA TIGER project. Our Community Manager Carlos Martinez Ortiz and Director Joris van Eijnatten attended the kick-off event and are looking forward to helping this project advance.

Read more about RDA Tiger in their own news article.