Deekshitha and team win Best Student Paper Award at IEEE eScience Conference  

13 Nov 2023 - 3 min

This October, in Limassol, Cyprus, eScience Center RSE Deekshitha and her research team won the Best Student Paper Award at the 19th IEEE International Conference of eScience. Her work is part of the SearchSECO CIT project, funded by the eScience Center. Entitled “FAIRSECO: An Extensible Framework for Measuring the Impact of Research Software“, the paper was authored by Deekshitha, Siamak Farshidi, Jason Maassen, Rena Bakhshi, Rob van Nieuwpoort, and Slinger Jansen. The FAIRSECO software described in the paper has been initially developed by Utrecht University computer science students. The software can be found on GitHub.

Reflecting on her achievement, Deekshitha, a PhD candidate at Leiden University and Utrecht University, emphasizes the importance of teamwork., stating, “Sound will not come without clapping with two hands. This award underscores the importance of collaboration within the research group.” Deekshitha expresses profound appreciation for the Netherlands eScience Center, emphasizing their role in funding the project and providing an opportunity to collaborate with a remarkable team of researchers.  


FAIRSECO is a GitHub action which helps to measure the impact of research software by considering factors such as code citation, code reuse and the quality of the software. This tool checks for FAIRness, licence compliance, software maintainability and documentation to measure the quality. Their team remains committed to further enhancing this tool to maximize its impact on the research software ecosystem and to duly acknowledge the contributions of research software engineers. 

Deekshitha’s achievement is the result of collaboration, dedication, and innovation in the field of research software. We look forward to witnessing the further development of the FAIRSECO project. Congratulations to Deekshitha and her team on this recognition! 

Photo credit NASA

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