Destination Earth awards Peter Kalverla for his “visionary” proposal for the future  

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On 19 June, Destination Earth, a flagship project of the European Commission, awarded Research Software Engineer, Peter Kalverla, the DestinE Platform Innovation BlueSky Concept Prize. The competition challenged applicants to reach beyond their imagination to envision the future use of their digital twin platform, which could be vital in addressing climate change and weather extremes. This award is given to a proposal that stands out for its “creativity and the profound impact it could have, marking it as a truly inspiring vision of the future.”  

Peter’s submission, “Henry, the City Tweaker”, is set in the year 2050 where “urban simulations” have come to replace traditional city planning tools. In the “open urban planning platform” of the future, anyone can propose and discuss changes to their living environment. An underlying simulation then provides feedback on the social and environmental impacts. Design proposals with a positive impact and sufficient support are guaranteed to be implemented. In this story, we follow Peter’s story about Henry as he experiences the consequences of this radical reality firsthand. 

“I was very excited about this challenge. A story set in 2050 is a great way to spark the imagination. I felt free and unconstrained by concerns around immediate feasibility. But now that I wrote this story, I feel inspired to pursue it further and make it come true with Destination Earth,” says Peter.  

As part of this award, Peter will collaborate with a DestinE expert to examine how they can utilize this digital twin platform to make this idea become a reality.  

Destination Earth is an “ambitious initiative to create a highly accurate digital model, or digital twin, of the Earth. It uses an unprecedented amount of data, earth systems models, Artificial Intelligence (AI), cloud computing, high-speed connectivity networks and data from a multitude of sources. This enables users to predict extreme events, and to test and adapt policies to address climate-related challenges.”  

To learn more, read Peter’s full submission here:  

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