Eight new eScience projects to start in 2017

5 Dec 2016 - 3 min

We are pleased to announce the initiation of eight new projects in the areas of Environment & Sustainability, Life Sciences & eHealth, Humanities & Social Sciences, Physics & Beyond and Disruptive Computer & Data Science.

The projects are the result of the 2016 ASDI ( Accelerating Scientific Discovery) and DTEC (Disruptive Technologies) Calls. The 2016 DTEC call was organized in collaboration with the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research Physical Sciences (NWO) and Commit2Data.

Scheduled to start in 2017, the projects are collaborations with research teams from multiple Dutch academic groups and represent the latest step in the continued development of the eScience Center’s project portfolio.

2016 ASDI project call (Accelerating Scientific Discovery):

1. eEcoLiDAR: eScience infrastructure for Ecological applications of LiDAR point clouds
Dr. rer. nat. W. Daniel Kissling
University of Amsterdam

2. Emotion Recognition in Dementia: Advancing technology for multimodal analysis of emotion expression in everyday life
Prof. dr. Gerben Westerhof
University of Twente, Enschede

3. DIRAC: DIstributed Radio Astronomical Computing
Dr. Sarod B. Yatawatta
ASTRON, Dwingeloo

4. Googling the cancer genome: Identification and prioritization of relevant structural variations in whole genome sequencing data of cancer patients
Dr. ir. Jeroen de Ridder
University Medical Center Utrecht

5. DeepRank: Scoring 3D protein-protein interaction models using deep learning
Prof. Dr. Alexandre M.J.J. Bonvin
Utrecht University

2016 DTEC project call (Disruptive Technologies):

6. A methodology and ecosystem for many-core programming
Prof. dr. ir. Henri E. Bal
VU University Amsterdam

7. Visual Storytelling of Big Imaging Data
Prof. dr. Jos Roerdink
University of Groningen (RUG)

8. Accelerating Astronomical Applications 2 (Triple-A 2)
Dr. John W. Romein
ASTRON, Dwingeloo

About our project calls

The Netherlands eScience Center receives an annual budget from NWO and SURF, the majority of which is provided to Dutch academics as subsidy in the form of cash and the in kind provision of eScience Research Engineers.

Cash & expertise

The awarding of both cash and expertise makes the eScience Center unique, balancing the role of both funder and collaborator. Large Projects are supported to the value of €500K (combined cash and in kind provision of eScience Research Engineers) and result from annual peer-reviewed project calls.


The eight projects result from two recent calls (ASDI & DTEC).

The purpose of the 2016 ASDI call is to enable domain scientists, working in application fields of Environment & Sustainability, Humanities & Social Sciences, Life Sciences & eHealth, or Physics & Beyond, to address compute-intensive and/or data-driven problems within their research.

The purpose of the DTEC call is to support computer and data scientists in the research and development of novel eScience technologies and software.

Image: Sagar – Colony of Collared Sand Martins. The eEcoLiDAR project will reconstruct 3D ecosystem structures and apply these in species distribution models for breeding birds in forests and marshlands, for insect pollinators in agricultural landscapes, and songbirds at stopover sites during migration. This will allow novel insights into the hierarchical structure of animal-habitat associations, into why animal populations decline, and how they respond to habitat fragmentation and ongoing land use change.