eScience Center guidelines for research delayed due to corona crisis

18 Jun 2020 - 2 min

The ongoing corona crisis is impacting the research community in many ways. The eScience Center is also affected directly as the crisis is impeding some of the projects that are executed together with our research partners.

To ensure a proper continuation and conclusion of eScience projects delayed or impeded by the crisis, the eScience Center has adopted a flexible mitigation policy, as follows:

  1. For all ongoing eScience projects awarded in joint calls with the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO), the “Guidelines for ongoing projects as result of the corona crisis” (PDF) published by NWO on June 4, 2020 apply.

  2. For all ongoing projects awarded in eScience Center-only calls, the following guidelines apply:

    a. The starting date for projects for which the formal starting date expires before 31-08-2020 may be extended by up to 4 months. To be granted extension, the principal investigator (PI) must submit a request to the eScience Center.

    b. The submission of interim and final reports may be postponed by up to 4 months. To be granted postponement, the PI must submit a request to the eScience Center.

    c. Adaptations to the research plan, budget shifts or project extensions can be considered only if these alterations are budget neutral and do not change the primary research aims of the awarded project. The PI must submit a request for such alterations to the eScience Center.

  3. For all ongoing projects, also including eScience projects awarded in joint calls with NWO, any problems with the execution of the project, or the delivery of results, should be reported to the eScience Center.

    The eScience Center will consider incoming requests as soon as possible, typically within two weeks of submission. The aim is to respond to all requests under the above guidelines as flexible and accommodating as possible.

Formal requests and further questions

Formal requests for project alterations, as well as all further questions, must be sent directly to the eScience Coordinator associated with the project. The same message also must be sent to the Operations Department of the eScience Center ().