eScience Center joins OpenDA Assocation

One of our goals is to actively contribute to and promote re-use of scientific software. For this reason we have joined the OpenDA association.

OpenDA is an open interface standard for (and free implementation of) a set of tools to quickly implement data-assimilation and calibration for arbitrary numerical models. OpenDA wants to stimulate the use of data-assimilation and calibration by lowering the implementation costs and enhancing the exchange of software among researchers and end-users.

With participants from universities, research institutes and companies, working with the same tools, new developments can quickly be transferred from research to operation. Some of the applications of OpenDA are tracking of clouds from volcano outbursts, improving the accuracy of flood warnings for rivers and coasts and improve ground-water forecasts. At the Netherlands eScience Center (NLeSC) we use OpenDA as part of the eWaterCycle project, where we created a global Hydrological forecasting system (see it in beta at

NLeSC joins founding members VORTechDeltares, and TU Delft, as well as other new members DHI and TNO. With these new members the association quickly grows to 6 members, which makes this a very significant impuls for widening the scope of OpenDA. We hope to actively contribute to the success of OpenDA, and use OpenDA in new domains and projects in the near future.