eScience Center Signs the Agreement on Reforming Research Assessment

4 May 2023 - 2 min

The Netherlands eScience Center is pleased to join more than 500 organizations worldwide as a signatory of the Agreement on Reforming Research Assessment (CoARA). By becoming a member of this coalition, we are strengthening our commitment to reforming research assessment practices, including giving research software and those who develop it the recognition they deserve.

CoARA’s goal is to enhance the quality and impact of research by establishing a shared vision for reforms in the assessment of research, researchers and research organizations. The agreement sets out principles, commitments and a timeframe for the implementation of these reforms.

The 10 commitments included in the agreement focus on acknowledging the diverse contributions to research, developing and reviewing research assessment criteria, tools and processes, as well as exchanging best practices.

The eScience Center is a research organization dedicated to applying research software to answer research questions in any scientific domain through project collaborations. It has the largest concentration of dedicated, high-level research software expertise in the Netherlands. Apart from this core activity, the eScience Center also offers calls for proposals, trainings and workshops for researchers and a Fellowship Programme. For more information about what we offer, visit