eScience Center to host eScience track at ICT.OPEN

20 Jan 2015 - 2 min

More than 400 scientists from all ICT research disciplines and interested researchers from industry come together to learn from each other, to share ideas and to network. The event program is still evolving but the two days will cover different tracks organised by the research schools ASCI, IPA and SIKS and the programmes ProRISC, PROGRESS and SAFE.The ICT.OPEN event has been organised annually by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) and Technology Foundation (STW) under the auspices of ICT Platform Netherlands (IPN).

This year’s event will include an eScience track hosted by NLeSC.

Track description:

eScience is the bridge between the rapid development of e-infrastructure on one side and the ambitions of researchers within the scientific disciplines on the other. eScience deals with the development of generic software technologies (eScience instruments) that make the power of the e-infrastructure accessible. The development of eScience instruments is dependent on technological solutions resulting from computer and data science research being translated into practical applications to enable discipline scientists to make breakthroughs. This eScience track will feature examples of compute-intensive and data-driven approaches to addressing pressing scientific challenges from both academia and industry. To demonstrate the universal importance of eScience approaches the track will include examples from a range of research domains including digital humanities.