eScience Integrator receives NWO funds for research on the perception of big data

Big data often associated with privacy issues

Since big data is often associated with privacy issues and the fear that personal data will fall into the wrong hands, Stolk’s research will focus on ethical and psychological aspects, how these relate to one’s view on big data. The researchers hope to gain more insight into in what way technical innovations (particularly in health care) can help to better the perception of big data.

LifeLines project

Stolk is Professor of clinical epidemiology at UMC Groningen, and Chief Scientific Officer of the LifeLines project. LifeLines is a research programme and biobank of 165.000 individuals which will be followed-up for 30 years. The big data study is a collaboration between LifeLines, UMC Groningen and Groningen University, and will involve participants of the LifeLines project.