Netherlands eScience Center collaborates in Horizon Europe-funded EVERSE project to elevate research software quality across Europe 

In an effort to create a framework for research software and code excellence, the Netherlands eScience Center proudly announces its role as a project partner in the Horizon Europe-funded EVERSE project.  

The project involves 18 partners spanning 10 countries, with the eScience Center contributing alongside renowned institutions such as CERN and the European Molecular Biology Laboratory. The eScience Center’s responsibilities within the project include consolidating best practices in research software development and offering training and guidance to stakeholders. 

This project allows the eScience Center to work with its European counterparts and large research communities to improve the overall quality of research software and the recognition for the people creating and maintaining it. The eScience Center will have a team of RSEs working on this project. Project lead, Jason Maassen expressed the significance of the grant stating, ’EVERSE will enable us to increase the quality of research software and recognition of the people who build and maintain it throughout Europe’. Beyond the project’s duration, we anticipate these efforts will be an integral part of the European Network of Research Software Quality, reinforcing the importance of research software in the scientific landscape. 

Please find the full press release for the EVERSE project here.

Who are we? 

The eScience Center is a research organization dedicated to applying research software to answer research questions in any scientific domain through project collaborations. It has the largest concentration of dedicated, high-level research software expertise in the Netherlands. The eScience Center also has a fellowship programme and makes all of its software and training materials openly available online. For more information about what we offer, visit