We are pleased to announce the initiation of four new collaborative projects in the areas of Environment & Sustainability and Humanities & Social Sciences.

The projects are the result of the 2018 ASDI call for proposals. Scheduled to start in 2019, the projects are collaborations with research teams from multiple Dutch academic groups: VU University Amsterdam, Wageningen University, Tilburg University, and University Medical Center Utrecht.

MOdelling Sea level And Inundation for Cyclones
Dr. P.J. Ward
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
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2. Monitoring tropical forest recovery capacity using RADAR Sentinel satellite data
Demonstrating the potential of European Sentinel satellite data
Dr. ir. J. Verbesselt
Wageningen University
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3. Understanding visually grounded spoken language via multi-tasking
An alternative approach for intelligent systems to understand human speech
Dr. G. Chrupala
Tilburg University
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Early Prediction of Dyslexia in Infants Using Machine learning
Dr. H.G. Schnack
University Medical Center Utrecht
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