March Roundup – where has the eScience Center been this month?

28 Mar 2024 - 3 min

From bustling conferences to captivating workshops, the eScience Center has been on the move across Europe. Here is a roundup of where we’ve been in March.

#EVERSE kick-off in Greece

Two people posing for pictuer with screen in the background

We are proud to be part of the European Virtual Institute for Research Software Excellence (EVERSE) project. This consortium aims to improve the overall quality of research software and create a culture of recognition for the people creating and maintaining it.

At the kick-off in Greece, our General Director, Joris van Eijnatten, and Carole Goble (University of Manchester and eScience Advisory Committee member) opened the day with a “Fireplace chat”, where they discussed the purpose and goals of the project. Our Technology Lead, Patrick Bos, presented plans for community-led best practices for developing high-quality research software.

Urban M4 project kick-off

On 18 March, our team met with researchers from Wageningen University to kick off the Urban M4 project resulting from our Open eScience Call 2023. This project will explore techniques to obtain high-resolution maps of urban textures: rooftops, pavements and facades. The aim is to gain more insight and better predict heat stress in urban areas.

Students visiting from Utrecht University

When our Director, Joris van Eijnatten, is not overseeing the affairs of the eScience Center, he is a Professor of Digital History at Utrecht University. On 14 March, 30 Research Master’s students from Utrecht University visited our office to learn more about digital humanities. Joris and Valentina Azzarà gave inspiring speeches and research software engineers (RSEs) from the Social Sciences and Humanities section presented their projects and software.

Hello from NAC

On 7 March, several of our RSEs from the Environmental and Sustainability Section attended NWO’s Netherlands Earth Sciences Conference (NAC) in Utrecht. They had a wonderful day showcasing our projects and networking.

We have another PhD in the house

On 6 March, Stijn Heldens became Dr. Stijn Heldens after successfully defending his PhD on Parallel Programming Systems for Scalable Scientific Computing at the University of Amsterdam. Great to see many eScience Center colleagues in attendance.

Lecturing beyond NL borders

Research Software Engineer, Walter Baccinelli, was invited back to his alma mater to give a lecture to Master’s students of the Biomedical Engineering course at Politecnico di Milano. Walter’s lecture, titled “Coding a product”, gave students an overview of the best practices for code development, particularly focusing on their application to scientific and medical software.

We were on the Code4Thought podcast!

In the latest episode of the Code4Thought ByteSized RSE podcast, our Technology Lead, Jason Maassen, had the pleasure of discussing the significance of software citation. Understanding why software citation matters is crucial in today’s research landscape, and this conversation sheds light on its importance. Missed it? Listen to it here.

Who are we?   

The eScience Center is a research organization dedicated to applying research software to answer research questions in any scientific domain through project collaborations. It has the largest concentration of dedicated, high-level research software expertise in the Netherlands. The eScience Center also has a Fellowship Programme and makes all of its software and training materials openly available online. For more information about what we offer, visit