MyDigiTwin: harnessing the power of digital twin technology 

28 Mar 2024 - 3 min

MyDigiTwin, an innovative project within the digital health sphere, aims to leverage digital twin technology to transform healthcare decision-making. The concept of a digital twin involves creating a virtual counterpart of a physical system, allowing for predictive analysis and simulations. However, unlike machinery, the complexities of human biology present a unique set of challenges in developing accurate digital representations. The primary objective of MyDigiTwin is to provide individuals with a digitalized version of their health, empowering them to make informed decisions about their lifestyle. 

This project is conceptually and content-wise driven by academic institutions in Utrecht, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Radboud, and Groningen. The Netherlands eScience Center, on the other hand, is contributing with one of the project’s pivotal cornerstones: the technological backbone required for training and using these digital twins. Led by Héctor Cadavid and in collaboration with project consortium partners, a team at the eScience Center is working towards making the big-data of existing large-scale health studies FAIR -Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable. They are also setting up a platform for training AI models, using these health studies as reference datasets, in a privacy-preserving fashion. Moreover, the MyDigiTwin team is ensuring these models can be seamlessly integrated with a Personal Health Environment (PGO/persoonlijke gezondheidsomgevingen). As Héctor elaborates, “At the eScience Center, we are leading a systematic engineering process for enabling an environment for the project’s health-domain experts to explore the project’s fundamental research questions. This lays the foundation for the implementation of MyDigiTwin’s envisioned cardiovascular disease-related prediction and simulation features.” Operating across multiple levels, this comprehensive engineering process ranges from low-level details, such as ensuring accurate computations with heterogeneous datasets, to an ongoing high-level system architecture refinement and specification. This high-level architectural blueprint, in turn, has fostered a shared understanding and facilitated discussions regarding the system’s design and functionality among stakeholders. 

One significant aspect of MyDigiTwin’s impact lies in its potential to improve cardiovascular disease management in the Netherlands. By making existing health data more accessible and usable, the project aims to empower individuals to take proactive steps toward improving their health. Partnering with entities like Drimpy, one of the companies providing PGO-compliant health-data access services in the Netherlands, further reinforces the project’s commitment to providing users with a platform that enables them to engage with predictive health analysis. 

Through collaborative efforts and a commitment to advancing digital health solutions, MyDigiTwin seeks to realize its vision of democratizing healthcare decision-making through accessible digital representations. 

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