National Research Software Day recap

30 Apr 2024 - 2 min

On 23 April, we organized the first National Research Software Day, a day filled with engaging talks, unconference sessions, beautiful artwork and so much more! Co-organized with LCRDM, this day brought together research support staff, research software engineers, researchers, policymakers and community leaders.

The morning began with a warm welcome from eScience Center community manager Lieke de Boer and director of technology Nicolas Renaud followed by a keynote from Rogier Kievit, professor of developmental neuroscience at Radboudumc, where he discussed the mismatch between the crucial importance of open research software and the lack of systematic support and recognition.

We then had several parallel sessions where experts led discussions on many pressing topics. Participants discussed necessary research software skills, national infrastructures for sustainable software, rewards and recognition for research software and writing reproducible research software.

One unique aspect of the day that participants enjoyed were the unconference sessions. It allowed various groups to discuss topics that interests them in a way that furthers our knowledge of that topic. A blog post will be written for every topic discussed in these sessions. Every participant in those discussions will receive credit for the blog post that will be shared in our eScience Center blog to the wider community.

Finally, we welcomed closing keynote speaker, Jenny Bryan, internationally recognized for her contributions to the R community and currently working for Posit (formerly known as RStudio). She acknowledged that most research software engineers are substantially self-taught as there is no standard path in this career. She shared valuable lessons and approaches to help audiences find affirmation and inspiration for charting their own course.

We are grateful for everyone who participated in our sold out event!