Netherlands eScience Center participates in newly funded NWO project, HybridLabs 

21 Jul 2023 - 2 min

The HybridLabs project has recently been granted 10.4 million through the Dutch Research Agenda programme Research along Routes by Consortia (NWA-ORC). As a member of this consortium, the eScience Center will be involved in developing offshore renewable technologies for both electricity and hydrogen production. 

HybridLabs will be carried out by a consortium of 36 partners from the public and private sectors and will be led by Dr. Axelle Vire from TU Delft. The project aims to accelerate the deployment of offshore renewable energy, both wind and solar, through fixed and floating offshore infrastructure. Over the next seven years, the project will develop ground-breaking innovations in the monitoring, control and design of offshore renewables. This will be achieved through a nation-wide infrastructure of hybrid experimental facilities developed with state-of-the-art technologies in the field of data/model-driven approaches. Algorithms will interconnect the different facilities to provide a holistic view of the offshore technology, keeping the Netherlands at the forefront of this research field. 

The eScience Center will lead the work package “Research and Modelling for Hybrid Labs”. This part of the project focuses on enhancing the accuracy of the HybridLab facilities through innovative algorithms, joining data, methods and infrastructure. The eScience Center will also provide training to the project team on the digital skills required to develop future-proof software adhering to established (Open Science) standards. 

For more information on the newly funded project, visit the NWO website

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