New call & matchmaking meeting ‘Energy System Integration’

4 Apr 2019 - 3 min

NWO is organising a third call in the Energy System Integration programme in close collaboration with the System Integration Programme of the Top Sector Energy.

Researchers from knowledge institutions recognised by NWO, TO2 institutions and universities of applied sciences, can submit proposals in this call in the area of energy system integration and digitization. A total of 4.9 million euros has been reserved, funded by NWO Science, NWO Social Sciences and Humanities, the Top Sector Energy, the Taskforce for Applied Research (NPRO- SIA) and the Netherlands eScience Center. Interested parties can register for the information and matchmaking meeting to be held on May 23.

Energy system integration

The call ‘Energy system integration’ focuses on the integration issues of energy systems on various scales, such as coupling and optimizing the infrastructures for production, transport and storage of energy, finding optimal transition paths, etc. The system as a whole is central here, not specific parts. Another aim of the call is to make digital technologies for energy system integration widely available.

For whom?

The call is relevant for researchers in science and technology disciplines (such as mathematics, computer science, electrical engineering, physics and chemistry), as well as the disciplines in the social sciences and humanities. Researchers from knowledge institutions recognised by NWO can submit as a main applicant or a co-applicant, and can request funding for 2-3 PhDs or postdocs. Researchers from universities of applied sciences and TO2 institutions can also apply for salary costs. They can only act as co-applicants.


An eScience Research Engineer will be added to each project awarded funding. Each proposal should therefore contain an approach for the eScience component of the research. Furthermore, proposals should have a design that is as multidisciplina as possible. There is a compulsory in-kind contribution (but no cash contribution) in addition to the project budget requested from NWO, which must be provided by public/private parties. The information about conditions for the call is subject to change. The final conditions will be stated in the call as soon as it is published in mid-May 2019.

Information and matchmaking meeting

On 23 May an information and matchmaking meeting will be held. You will receive more information about this call and its conditions during the meeting. You will also be able to pose questions to all partners involved and there will be the opportunity to find suitable consortium partners. You can now register for the information and matchmaking meeting via . In your mail please state your title, first name, surname, organisation, scientific discipline, and any dietary requirements. By registering you agree with your details being passed on to the other attendees for the purpose of matchmaking unless you explicitly state otherwise.

Contact and more information

Do you have questions or would you like to receive a specific advice about the suitability of your project idea or possible partners? Please do not hesitate to contact NWO via . In your mail please state whether the project idea can be shared with the funding partners of the call.

Source: NWO